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Our privately owned laboratory and factory lies in the very heart of Provence and has been creating exquisite scents for over three generations.

To us, fragrance is one of life's simple pleasures. The entire history of Cadentia is written around Eau de Cologne as it has been the spirit of our story since the very beginning. Our colognes capture classic, citrus notes which are perfect for daily use, leaving you feeling instantly refreshed and your spirits lifted.

The beautiful historic setting of our factory provides the inspiration for our traditionally crafted fragrances.  Each creation is brought to life when our resident Perfumer selects natural ingredients, that are among the best in the world, to craft the character of the scent.  By blending these ingredients in small quantities we allow the essences to combine gently for at least three weeks, creating a distinctive and full-bodied scent. The result of this trusted traditional method is a truly artisan product of the utmost quality.

Our Eau de Colognes can be discovered in over 100 niche, selective perfumers, lifestyle stores and pharmacies across France and in 26 other countries. This year we are delighted to receive the International Economy Trophy for best performance in international development.