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Why choose Eau de Cologne?


Somehow a waft of classic Eau de Cologne always smells familiar, the light citrus fragrance notes are clean and fresh, perfect for modern-day lives.

All of our Eau de Colognes are available in generous 250ml, 500ml & 1 litre glass splash bottles to ensure that you get not only outstanding quality but also excellent value. Being able to use liberally is the beauty of Eau de Cologne, they are the perfect refresher, guaranteed to give you an instant boost and ideal for daily use.

Pour from your glass bottle into cupped hands, rub palms together and enjoy using all over your body for a cool refreshing experience!  Once the initial top notes of the fragrance filter away you will be left with a delicate wisp of scent on your skin that will include the lingering base notes of your chosen cologne. Repeat  throughout the day as much as you like!

By choosing CADENTIA you are guaranteed an authentic, natural 100%  French Eau de Cologne of the very best quality.